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The Riot

What’s the Potato Riot all about?

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Macclesfield isn’t the sleepy little town that people might think! We’ve had our share of rebellious behaviour – some best not mentioned! In 1812 there was a full on riot! you can read all about it on The Riot page - and that’s what this event is all about. We are celebrating our town’s past and present through the a street theatre expression of a riot that took place in our streets on April 13th 1812 and then joining together for a celebratory meal in the Market Square with entertainment by the fantastic Sheelanagig.

Our rioters are local people who are working with us to play the many characters that appear in the colourful record of the original riot and to carefully act out the events of the day. If you fancy being part of that then take a look at our volunteers page. If you prefer you can join the crowds lining the streets to watch it all take place. We’d like the crowds to get in the spirit too by dressing up in costumes of the day and cheering or jeering the rioters as they proceed through the town. The local militia will be there to make sure that the crowds don’t get too carried away with themselves and turn it into a copy of the real event by the end of which some 5,000 rioters we’re involved. This is a piece of street theatre after all.

If acting out the riot isn’t your thing but you’d still like to get involved then check out our volunteering page where you’ll find lots of things that need to be done from making costumes and building false shop fronts to baking potatoes and setting up gazebos. If you can’t find what you are looking for in these pages please get in touch with John Hartshorn on 07522 019454 or sambajohn1@yahoo.com or drop in and see us at Macclesfield Community  Artspace.